Mascara adds a flattering fringe to your eyes - particularly if your lashes are flair. Applying Mascara is the final step in eye makeup. Mascara is applied on the eye lashes to beautify them. Different formulas and application of mascara can enhance your lashes in different ways. To make the eyes alluring, the use of the right eye makeup product using the correct technique is very important. For eye-popping appeal to this focal point of the face, the basic idea is to use complementary colors. Mascara adds volume and length to the lashes and make your eyes appear brighter and more beautiful.

Are you looking for "how to apply mascara" Here are some tips for you..
Start by applying mascara to your upper lashes first.
Brush them downwards to start with, then brush your lashes upwards from underneath.
Use a tiny zig-zag movement to prevent mascara from clogging on your lashes.
Next, use the tip of the mascara wand to brush your lower lashes, using a gentle side to side technique.
Take care to keep your hand steady whilst you are applying the mascara and not to blink while the mascara is still wet.
Comb through your lashes with an eyelash comb to remove any excess the wand has left behind Select a color. If you have blond or red lashes then go for brown mascara. Darker-lashed women can consider brown for a casual look, and black or brown-black for more pronounced or dramatic lashes. Before applying mascara curl the lashes to widen the eyes. Prior to your mascara, Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply all other eye makeup.Begin with the underside of your upper eye lashes and then moving the brush slowly upward toward the tips of your lashes. Wait for a minute for them to dry, and similarly apply a second coat. Let the first coat dry completely, then apply the second coat. Two thin coats look more natural than one thick coat.
Finally brush with a clean dry brush, to separate the lashes.

For women with blue eyes eyeliners in brown and rose tones contrast the blue of the eyes, making them appear more vibrant. Green eyes, on the other hand, brighten up with violet shades that give a dramatic look for evenings or stage makeup and look great in photographs. A mocha shade is a subtle, everyday look for all eye colors but especially brown eyes, which also give a smoldering look when green and gold eyeliners are used.

eyeliners are charcoal, black, and chocolate, good for all eye colors, except those with small eyes would do well to avoid these, as they tend to make eyes appear smaller. Thus, it is preferable to restrict dark eyeliner colors to the crease of the eye and highlight the brow bone with a light shade.All eye shadows need to complement the eye and hair-color of the person and a bit of powder dusted on the eyelid prepares the eyeliner to set well and intensify the eyes.

How to remove eye mascara
Mascara must be removed very carefully to avoid damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. While removing the mascara from eyes always avoid the colour from going onto the delicate area below the bottom lashes and close your eyes. Roll a cotton bud dipped in a cosmetic cleanser over the lashes, taking the mascara down onto the tissue. Repeat this till all the mascara is gone.



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